Faceless posters now has face : SFI leaders in 2 Kerala colleges bow to social media pressure on photo politics

Malappuram,Palakkad,Oct19:Two arts and Science colleges in northern Kerala who had represented women leaders as faceless pics in their posters and Facebook post of their student political faction unit ,have come under fire from social media. The Students Federation of India :the student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) forgot to represent women leaders in two Kerala colleges even though its well known for its gender sensitization classes for its cadre.

Ahead of the Calicut University student union election,the SFI units of Madin College in Malappuram and Aspire College in Thrithala in Palakkad district had published their campaign posters for upcoming college union elections of Calicut University, without the photos of girl candidates.

Various new agencies had highlighted this issue on their platforms .Thus making this an event of social relevance and equality.

The  SFI unit of Ma’din Arts and Science College in Malappuram district left blank the space for photographs while listing its women candidates (two out of 13) while the SFI unit of Aspire college, Palakkad, chose to publish a generic picture in place of 4 of its women candidates.

The move though biased, is facing flak for being over-bearing towards women and sexist, the poster of Aspire college is being lambasted for publishing an image of a woman wearing a  red burqa for its women candidates, irrespective of their religion.

Palakkad SFI District Secretary Jayadevan spoke to news media about the decision to not include photos.“Last year, women candidates faced severe harassment at the hands of Muslim League workers after their photos were published. Owing to lot of derogatory remarks and marriage proposals of some women candidates were affected by it. That is why the college committee decided to omit it this time.”

Jayadevan, however, admitted that the women candidates had no role in the decision. “They did not request for their photos to be omitted, but considering there are only 20 girl students in the college, the college unit took the decision. But the way it was done is not acceptable. If the girls’ photo was omitted, the male candidates’ photos too should have been omitted.”

Considering the strong protest from various corners, the district committees of SFI in Malappuram and Palakkad have ordered to replace the existing posters with the new posters with the photos of all girl candidates. The office bearers of SFI have informed that the campaign is going forward with new posters on Tuesday itself, in the two colleges.

The organisation has also promised the girl candidates that SFI will extend all support to them if they face any issue similar to that of previous year”, he said.