Fake messages promoting Indian products in the name of PM Modi making rounds in social media

During the last five days, PM Modi seems to have changed his card – from development to emotional.

New Delhi, August 3: Once again, social media witnessed fake statements with the signature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The fake message said that people use only products and ingredients manufactured in India during the upcoming Diwali festival. Last year, the fake appeal was to exclude Chinese crackers for the Diwali festival.

That time, the action was in response to China’s efforts to block India’s attempts at the UN to get Jaaish-e-Mohammad (An active Deobandi jihadist group in Kashmir) chief Masood Azhar accepted as ‘Globally Designated Terrorist.’

This time the fake message could be due to the current stand-off between the Indian and Chinese troops at Dokhlam in Sikkim. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already gave a warning message to all active online users about a month ago, alerting them to not fall in such fake messages. Reportedly, he also tweeted a sample of a fake post with his signature asking social media users to be alert of unauthentic documents.

After getting Narendra Modi’s warning tweet, thousands of users shared and recommended the respective authorities to identify the source of such fake messages which created confusion among the people.