Family planning authorities propose to sterilise Rohingya refugees to reduce increasing population

Family planning authorities propose to sterilise Rohingya refugees to reduce increasing population.

Bangladesh, October 28: After the insurgency attack by the Myanmar military started crippling the lives of people, over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have reportedly fled Myanmar Myanmar since August 25.

Most of the refugees have gone to the Bangladesh including women and children. It was found that there are about 20,000 Rohingya women are pregnant and 600 have already given birth since arriving in Bangladesh.

At this juncture, the Bangladesh government is planning to introduce voluntary sterilisation to its Rohingya refugee population.

Nearly one million Rohingya refugees are refugees are struggling to adjust in the limited space available.  It was even noted that efforts to encourage birth control were also failed.

According to reports, about 600,000 Rohingya people have arrived in Bangladesh since the military crackdown in neighbouring Myanmar in August which triggered an exodus.

Majority of the refugees including the women and children including infants are living in a desperate condition even without enough food or clean drinking water.

The Government is even unable to provide sanitation or health facilities where the local officials fear stretching of the problems further due to lack of family planning.

The Rohingya refugees are not so much aware of the need for birth control, said Pintu Kanti Bhattacharjee, head of the family planning service, where the camps are based.

The people in the Rohingya camps are having large families with more than one wife. Some of the parents even had more than 19 children.

The Refugees are found reluctant to use contraceptives. So far the mission activists have managed to distribute only 549 packets of condoms among the refugees, according to the district family planning authorities after they have launched an initiative to provide contraception.

At the latest, they have requested the government to establish a plan to introduce voluntary sterilisation by doing vasectomies for Rohingya men and tubectomies for women, Bhattacharjee said.