Feeling depressed? Food can change your mood

New Delhi, April 29: A new study has revealed that being pleasantly surprised or disappointed with a food can actually change a person’s mood. Lead author Jozina Mojet of the Food and Biobased Research said that they were surprised to find that by measuring emotions, they could get information about products independent from whether people like them, adding that this kind of information could be very valuable to product manufacturers.The researchers used a new method called an emotive projection test to determine the effect of different yoghurts on people’s moods.According to the results, liking or being familiar with a product had no effect on a person’s emotion. However, changes in whether they liked it after tasting the yoghurt did, being pleasantly surprised or disappointed about the food influenced people’s moods. The study suggested the new method could be an effective way to gather information about a product before taking it to market.