Fever trailer and poster is out: Bond girl alongside Rajeev Khandelwal!

Mumbai, June 14: New and upcoming Bollywood flick Fever came out with its teaser some time back and now has released the trailer along with the first poster. The poster sees Gemma Atkinson, Caterina Murino, Rajeev Khandelwal and Gauahar Khan in hot and sizzling avatars.

You must be wondering who the first two actresses are. Well, the first one is Gemma Atkinson, who is an English actress of some renown. Gemma Atkinson is widely known for her role as Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks, an English TV series. She is also a glamour and lingerie model and a TV personality.

Remember the beautiful and dusky Solange Dimitrios, who was romancing with Bond in Casino Royale and then met a very violent end? Well, that is Caterina Murino.

The Italian actress is also a part of this cast making it an absorbing project. Both the foreigners are very excited about the suspense thriller and have tweeted continuously while the shoot was on.

The shooting, in fact, wrapped up a few days ago. Along with these stars, the film has Ankita Makwana a Swiss-Indian actress and well-known Bengali actor Victor Banerjee.

Going by the trailer, Fever is a suspense thriller where Rajeev Khandelwal is Armaan and his role is that of an assassin. He lives alone, eats and drinks alone and kills alone, apparently. Then he meets with an accident that reduces his memory to the fact that his name is Armaan and he has committed sin in the past (not usual sin like having chocolates but grave sin like killing people). The film is shot entirely in Switzerland.

The trailer then shows that there are three sides to a story: one is yours, another is theirs and the last one is the truth. Thus begins Armaan’s hapless quest for his identity. In all this, Gauahar Khan is seen waiting and watching from the sidelines. It is not clear whether she is his handler or a romantic connection. But she is the one who is helping Armaan regain his identity. Some cozy scenes with Gemma Atkinson and Caterina Murino are also exhibited in the trailer which leads us to believe that there are several romantic connections in the movie.

The trailer ends with the punchline, “Love is said to kill but it actually does.” The film is slated to be released on 22nd July. Till then it is an eager wait for fans, a majority of whom are looking forward to seeing the English soap star and the Bond girl in a Bollywood project.