Did fiancee Rahul Raj Singh coerce Balika Vadhu, Pratyusha Banerjee into prostitution and suicide?

Mumbai,Nov4:The details of the last conversation between fiancee Rahul Raj Singh and wife Pratyusha reveal that she was unhappy with the choices she made.

The Mumbai Mirror has accessed a copy of the transcript of the telephone conversation between Pratyusha and Rahul.

Pratyusha’s parents Soma and Shankar Banerjee’s’ lawyer ,Neeraj Gupta believes that the aforementioned phone call was Pratyusha’s last conversation before she ended her life by hanging herself.Pratyusha and Rahul’s conversation lasted for about three minutes.

Excerpt of the phone call is as below

She is reportedly heard saying, “B******d man.. I f**k so hard. In my life, i f**k so hard… for everything… I had not come here to sell myself… I had come here to act… to work. And where are you putting me today? Rahul, you have no idea how bad I am feeling right now.”

She adds, “You are selfish… you are spoiling my name. People are talking about me… my mom and dad are termed ghatiya. Rahul, it’s over. I am over. Mar Gayi mein (I am dead)”. Rahul is heard asking her not to “do anything”. He tells her he will be home in half an hour, upon which Pratyusha says, “Everything will be over in half an hour.”

According to Mumbai Mirror which quoted Neeraj Gupta,”This conversation happened between Rahul and Pratyusha just before her death. In this conversation, it is very clear that she was forced into prostitution by Rahul, as later on in the same phone call she has used the word ‘prostitution’,”

On the other hand, Rahul has defended himself from the allegations. “She was telling me that her mom and dad wanted her to earn money anyhow, and she was complaining about them. She had no money and I was supporting her,” he said.

Rahul was a state-level cricketer and has played with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is also the owner of a cricket team named Yuva Tiger Cricket Club which is associated with many popular television celebs. He was last seen in Sony TV’s reality show ‘Power Couple’ with his girlfriend Pratyusha Banerjee.

According to police sources, Banerjee had called up a close friend from the television industry earlier this week and revealed that she had taken to alcohol as she was depressed. The actress was reportedly dejected with the lack of good roles.

But Pratyusha’s family and friends claim that her death could be a case of murder and not suicide.So it is only speculation that Rahul Raj Singh could have forced Pratyusha into prostitution and then suicide.