FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017: Not just confidence, the players’ mentality also has changed says Sanjeev Stalin

FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017: Not just confidence, the players' mentality also has changed says Sanjeev Stalin

New Delhi, September 3: On October 6, Sanjeev Stalin is ready to breathe a fresh air, and the player will be the part of the Indian team in which it will be the first ever from the nation to compete in a FIFA World Cup, albeit at the U-17 level.

According to the reports, Sanjeev Stalin also describes the mentality of the player “Not just a confidence, players mentality also changing “Ever since I have been in the India team, I have developed as a player and a person,”

Our coach has told us that winning matches is must also be added who will be the India  U -17 team’s defensive mainstay at the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup.

We can confidently say that Indian team will be the most prepared team from the nation to compare in  a tournament,Earlier in 2015, the team has travelled to 14 countries for exposure trips, in which also include trips to nations like Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, and UAE, cutting across four continents.

Captain Amarjith Singh Kiyam stated that we have grown technically with each match that we have played abroad countries Playing in midfield, I’ve now understood that I need to maintain my position irrespective of what’s happening. But more importantly, we have now understood how we need to react when we lose a match.”

he also concludes that India has been in a tough group which they co-habit along with North American heavyweights the USA, African giants Ghana and South American heavy-hitters Colombia.

Some of the top two teams are guaranteed qualification to the next round, the best four third-placed teams will also get entry into the Round of 16. This means India will have to manage a decent recent result against at least one of the teams.

The coach has said to take one match at a time and enjoy every game. He asked us to play like it is your last game of football, giving your cent percent,” Thatal says.