Firecrackers ban: Delhi police to take actions against those who buy firecrackers online

Firecrackers ban: Delhi police to take actions against those who buy firecrackers online. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, October 12: The Delhi police said on Thursday that the Supreme Court’s ban on sale of firecrackers in Delhi and the National Capital Region also applies to the online sale and purchase of firecrackers.

Madhur Verma, the Delhi spokesperson said that actions will be taken against those, who try to sell or purchase firecrackers online. Madhur Verma informed that the temporary license will be automatically suspended after the new order.

The temporary licenses for selling firecrackers are given by the Delhi police every year. The Supreme Court on Monday restored ban on the sale of firecrackers till November 1, in Delhi and the National Capital Region. The order was passed with regard to control pollution levels during the festival of Diwali. The above order does not comment on the use of firecrackers.

But still the question arises that with the ban will Delhiites sit quietly while Diwali is around the corners? The traders, city residents also raised the same question that although the court has banned the sale of firecrackers, how will such a ban be enforced.

Still the bigger question is that how the authorities are planning to stop  people who will get firecrackers from outside Delhi-National Capital Region or even go online to order them. The shopkeepers believe that people will buy firecrackers in bulk, which they can even sell them to friends and neighbors that too without setting up an official shop. So, the shopkeepers ask that it would be more dangerous than regulated shops because the regulated shops tat least follow fire safety norms.

The shopkeepers and businessmen are irritated due to the sudden changes that came regarding the ban of the firecrackers leave them in a dilemma as to whether they should stock up on goods or not. According to sources, Harjeet Singh Chhabra who sells firecrackers in Sadar Bazar said that I am going to sit here and sell them. Previously, it was told that ban has been lifted and now there comes the decision that sale of firecrackers has been banned. These are explosives. What will we do with them?

After the Supreme Court’s decision, at least 30 shops were closed that sold firecrackers in the old Delhi market. and people who are even thinking to buy the crackers from outside Delhi or even online, do not dare to do that. Because doing so, will land you in trouble as Delhi Police will take strict action against those people.