First person shooter game Morphite developed by Crescent Moon

First person shooter game Morphite developed by Crescent Moon

New York,March28:The developers took a lot of their inspiration from Nintendo’s Metroid series, particularly the more modern Metroid Prime shooters. It also has some elements from games like Ratchet and Clank, and Turok. in Morphite, your player character has been assigned to a mission that will take her to a total of seven different planets, The game’s environments will be randomly generated, which hopefully means no two players’ experiences will be exactly alike. Your player character will also gain new abilities and skills as she goes through the game. There’s even supposed to be space combat and trading features.

Crescent Moon, We’re Five Games, and Polygonal Mind introduced us to their upcoming first-person exploration-adventure game Morphite, but I guess that’s why people are always saying time flies. Morphite, with its low-poly visuals and inspiration from such classics as Metroid Prime, Turok, and Ratchet and Clank, looked fantastic in that initial unveiling, and some new screens released in September only served to reinforce those feelings

Your goal is to explore all of these planets, scan and collect resources, discover and sometimes fight a number of alien creatures and much more. Morphite’s art style has a low polygon count, but based on the screenshots provided by the developer, it looks like it will still be a beautiful game to check out.

Hopefully Morphite will be worth the wait. The game looks like it will also be a bit like No Man’s Sky, in terms of its procedurally generated worlds. Let’s just hope that Morphite has none of the issues that surrounded the launch of No Man’s Sky. What do you think of this game at this early stage? Let us know in the comments!