Flock, a team messenger for businesses rolls out new features for ‘quiet’ conversation

New Delhi, Nov 29 :  Flock, a team messenger for businesses, on Tuesday rolled out two new features — “Pinned” conversation and “Mute” — to help professionals prioritise conversations and cut the unwanted “noise”.

Flock users can now pin chats with other members or Flock groups so that all important information is listed at the top of the chat bar and captures immediate attention.

“Conversations of high importance can now be prioritised with pinned conversations. Users can now experience noise-free communication with Flock,” said Ninad Raval, Director (Product and Design) at Flock, in a statement.

“With ‘Do not disturb’ button or a Mute groups button, Flock is the first team communication app to introduce features that reduce clutter in business communication”, added Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, Flock.