Flower vendor and sweeper show tribute to Amma in their own way

CHENNAI,Dec6: Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar – a market area- is almost deserted, except for rare passing vehicles, three police cars and Rajeswari- an ardent follower of late chief minister Jayalalithaa.

She has put up a table beside the platform where she sells flowers every day. The picture of the former leader of state leans on the makeshift stand she built early this morning; a Terracotta Diya lit at the bottom, garlands adorning the front and a hood to protect it from rain.

Deaf and dumb since birth, she has been the supporter of AIADMK since MGR’s time. She s points to the road with tear welled up in her eyes, “I lived in the same spot on the road. Now I live in a house in KK Nagar that Amma gave to me.”

She adds that no such thing should’ve happened to a dynamic woman like her.

S Pushpa, 60 who works as a sweeper under Government an admirer of J Jayalalitha says she has done for everyone. From her childhood till her death she has helped people every way. First of all, she was a very good actress and a good entertainer. She should have avoided the friendship with Sasikala. Becoz all good things, she got from other people but not Sasikala.

“She gave cows and cattle and we got amma home, amma water and amma canteen.We got so many ” she said.

She is a born artist and born beauty and there is no chance of getting a beautiful lady like her. She is a very good dancer, she is a good singer, good actor. These are the qualities I love about her she said.

She added that she has done everything like Mgr.

“There won’t be any other lady like her who had to fight all challenges. After assuming the office as Chief Minister she gave wedding rope, giving fund when women got pregnant, widow got funds. More fund was given to women and she made ensure women safety. If she gets injured I never take food. From the moment she got cardiac arrest I didn’t take food,”she said.