Flu can be spread by breathing also: Study

Flu can be spread by breathing also: Study

New Delhi, Jan 19: It was already known to everyone that people with flu should make sure to cough or sneeze with their mouth closed, but researchers at the University of Maryland say that this is not just enough, an that simple breathing could also spread the virus.

Researchers studied 142 people with the flu and to monitor their natural breathing, each participant was placed in a contained room. They found that the infectious virus was spreading in the air as they exhaled.

Lead author of the study Dr Donald Milton, told the Daily Mail the virus can linger in the air for “hours”.

“Influenza comes on hard and fast and you are probably infectious right then,” he is quoted as saying in the report. Adding, “I would like people in my work place who are coming down with the flu to please go home and not infect me.”

He urges people who are sick with the flu to stay home so they don’t infect others. The team hopes their alarming findings help officials gain a better understanding about how the flu really spreads and produce a more effective vaccine in the future.

Health officials are also encouraging people to get their flu shot.