Flurry Analytics includes two advancements to Yahoo’s mobile developer suite

New Delhi, Oct 28: Yahoo-owned Flurry Analytics on Friday announced the availability of two advancements to the Yahoo mobile developer suite “Crash Analytics 2.0” and “Revenue Analytics”.

Crash Analytics provides developers information about application crashes, caught exceptions and logged errors, all in real time.

With Flurry Crash Analytics 2.0, developers now have the power to compare the health of apps over the last year, survey the health of app collections over the last 24 hours, investigate and dive deep into the specifics of a given issue, including device details and symbolicated stack traces.

Revenue Analytics allows developers to track In App Purchase (IAP) Revenue from transactions that occur within iOS or Android apps.

“The rollout of advanced crash and revenue analytics capabilities on Flurry provides developers with an all-in-one suite of tools to give them a 360-degree view of their app’s performance,” the company said in a statement.

Mobile developers can access these new tools starting Friday, by visiting developer.yahoo.com.