Former Pakistani Cricketer Javed Miandad spews venom against India​, says ‘every Pak child is ready for martyrdom.’

New Delhi, Oct 04: Spewing venom amidst growing tensions between India and Pakistan, former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad has called for a war against India, stating that every child in his country is ready for martyrdom. Miandad has also asked Indians to “throw out” PM Narendra Modi. Calling PM Modi a “rotten egg”, Miandad said, “I want to reach out to the people of India. Come out and throw out this rotten egg.”

Calling Indians cowards, Miandad said, “Ye laaton ke bhoot baaton se baaz nahi aate, inko laate hi maarni padengi (Stubborn people never accept logic, we need to hit out at them).” “We should just kill them, talks can only be held if they are alive,” Miandad has said in what may be called an inflammatory statement. “These people (Indians) are cowards. One should do tit for tat. They get scared of that only,” he added while giving an interview to the Pakistani channel Samaa TV. Miandad’s poisionous words come at a time when there is a raging debate in India over allowing Pakistani artists to work in the country or not. Pakistan has already banned all Indian channels in its country.

The reactions are a direct fallout of the Uri terrorist attack on September 18, in which 19 Indian soldiers were martyred. India has evidence that proves that the terrorists came from Pakistan, and the Modi government has moved to not only isolate Pakistan on the global stage, but has also given a befitting reply in the form of surgical strikes. Last week, the Indian Army announced that it carried out surgical strikes across the LoC, destroying several terrorist launchpads and inflicting heavy casualties. While Pakistan on its part has denied India’s claim, the fact that Indian Army has for the first time openly announced conducting the strikes shows an obvious shift in the government’s foreign policy towards Pakistan.