Formula 1 is set to introduce the Halo cockpit protection device

London, May 31: Formula 1 is set to introduce the ‘halo’ driver head protection device which forms a protective structure in front of and above a driver’s head.

The test of the device will take place in June and will be implemented in 2017 Formula One Season. However, the location where the test will be done is not confirmed yet.

The introduction of Halo device has been made majorly to avoid head injuries during the race. The racers who dies last year due to such injuries in the race are British IndyCar, Justin Wilson and Jules Bianchi.

As reported in News18, ”Back in March, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton criticised the way the halo looked and said that he would like the option to remove it, should it be used. on the other hand Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel — a four-time F1 champion — have both said it is necessary.”

The debate between halo versus Red Bull’s aeroscreen has been going on for a while. However, aeroscreen is preferred by most over Halo which is more constraint. Testing of Halo will go through the official legislative process before it is formally adopted.