Four held for double-murder

New Delhi, Jan 19 (IANS) Four members of a robbers’ gang have been arrested in connection with a double-murder here, police said on Thursday.

Police identified the accused as Akbar, 22, Mohammad Azad (the gang’s kingpin), 23, Samshad, 23 and their associate, Sonu, 28. They are residents of JJ cluster area of Zakhira and Shakarpur in Delhi.

According to the police, Azad and his associates had, on January 9, killed Guljar and Anil over some personal animosity.

“Police on Wednesday night arrested Azad and other gang members from their hideout in west Delhi in a raid. Azad and other gang members initially used to snatch the luggage of passengers for Guljar at bus stands and railway stations,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vijay Kumar said.

Police teams, on the basis of local intelligence and sources, established the role of Azad’s gang behind the double-murder, the police officer said.

The unclothed bodies of Guljar and Anil were found near Zakhira bus stop on January 12, a senior police officer said.

The gang members used to rob passengers’ luggage after pretending to assist them for arranging their confirmed tickets and Guljar used to take the robbed money from them, DCP Kumar said.

Azad told police that he, along with his associates, planned to eliminate Guljar on January 9 and called him at a deserted place.

When Guljar came along with his associate Anil, Azad took them to a forest area where they strangulated them after offering them alcoholic drinks.

Later, they crushed their face with a heavy stone to hide their identity, the police officer said.