Four year old’s heart flown from Bengaluru to Chennai to save patient in TamilNadu

Four year old's heart flown from Bengaluru to Chennai to save patient in TamilNadu

BENGALURU,Jan 4: The city witnessed another miracle when a 4-year-old’s heart from Bengaluru was flown to Chennai to save a patient of acute heart failure from Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. A green corridor as long as 48 km was arranged from BGS Global Hospitals in Kengeri to Kempegowda International Airport for swiftly taking the heart to a Chennai flight.

 Rehan (name changed) became a saviour to five terminally ill patients by donating all his organs after being declared brain dead. While his heart was flown to Fortis Malarin Chennai, his kidneys have been harvested in BGS Hospitals and Narayana Hrudayalaya has harvested his liver. His eyes have been taken by Narayana Nethralaya. All his recipients were patients suffering from acute heart, liver and kidney failure and needed a new organ to survive. His eyes brought back vision to a visually disabled.
Rehan was admitted to BGS Hospital on December 25 with severe head injury to which he succumbed eventually.
A source from BGS Hospitals, said: “For any family this is a heart-wrenching loss to suffer. To make a crucial decision like organ donation at a difficult time such as this is tough for any loved one. We at Global Hospitals are extremely grateful and appreciate the will of this wonderful family to share the gift of life with other terminally ill patients. The harvested organs will benefit many lives and it has been made possible only by the magnanimous gesture of this grieving family.”