Frenzy and frantic protesters chant slogans even before Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen arrives in Aurangabad

Frenzy and frantic protesters chant slogans even before Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen arrives in Aurangabad

MUMBAI,August1: Mob frenzy and protestors chanting slogans even before Taslima Nasreen arrived in Aurangabad on Saturday have raised questions about a security breach, given that the details of her “private visit” were known only to the police, a source close to the exiled Bangladeshi author claimed. Nasreen was forced to abandon her “dream of visiting the Ellora and Ajanta caves” and board a flight to Mumbai after the police allegedly did not let her come out of the Aurangabad airport citing security reasons.

While the police in Aurangabad are on the hunt for the source that leaked the writer’s schedule in the city, Nasreen took to Twitter on Monday to express her concern: “Nobody but security police in Aurangabad was informed about my itinerary & hotel booking. I wonder how fanatics got to know everything!”

Police personnel from the security unit deployed for Nasreen’s safety in Delhi confirmed that all the paperwork, including her flight details, hotel booking and four-day itinerary had been submitted on Monday at the office of the Delhi police as per protocol.

“The Delhi security police usually inform the local cops for further security when a trip is being planned. We followed the same procedure and on July 27 were assured that there would be police protection in Aurangabad,” said a member of Nasreen’s security contingent in Delhi. “Even her hotel was booked under a different name.” Contradicting the reports that Nasreen was offered the option to continue her tour under security cover or go to Mumbai when she opted for the latter, the source said, “Taslima wasn’t offered any options. She was asked by the police to not enter Aurangabad due to law and order problems. So she bought tickets and took the same flight to Mumbai, as advised.”
Reaffirming her intentions and her belief in equal rights, Nasreen further tweeted on Monday, “I’m NOT an enemy, I’m a true friend of Muslims. Only friends & well-wishers want u 2 be educated & enlightened and ur religion 2 be reformed (sic),” adding that it was for “political interests” and not actual knowledge of her writings that had sparked this recent outrage. “Can any of them tell what I wrote abt the prophet? They can’t becoz they haven’t read my books. They only use me for their political interests (sic).”