Fringe Hindu group warn Kamal Hassan for hosting Big Boss Tamil, Says will vandalize Vijay TV Office and his residence

Chennai, July 14: Over the last few weeks, the Bigg Boss Tamil controversy has reared its ugly head. After the Hindu Makkal Katchi members protested against the reality show outside the network’s office in Chennai, the Hindu fringe group filed a complaint against the host of the show.

Today at Chennai Fringe Hindu groups protesting against Kamal Haasan for hosting Big Boss Tamil. The group demands the arrest of Ulaganayakan. They says that Big Boss Tamil should be given ‘A’ certificate and the show is  against family values.

The Hindu groups protested today warnsKamal Haasan and said that they will vandalize Vijay TV Office and  his residence. They also said that the possibility of attacks on the sets of Big Boss Tamil and says won’t stop their efforts till the show is taken off from the air.

the main question of the Hindu fringe group is that how a man and women can live in a house for 100 days without being married?

As per a Times Now report telecast on 11 July 2017, the fringe group — which goes by the moniker Hindu Makkal Katchi — has asked for Haasan’s arrest on the grounds of ‘tarnishing Tamil culture’ by hosting a show like Bigg Boss.

Earlier, Veeramaanickam Siva, the secretary of Hindu Makkal Katchi, has filed a complaint against the makers of the show and Kamal Haasan with the Commissioner of Police, Chennai.

“People of India are paragons of virtue. Indian television channels, nowadays, are acting in a way to wreck the Indian culture. The Bigg Boss program in Vijay TV overthrows every other show on television in tarnishing the Indian culture and Tamil traditions.

People who don’t know each other wearing slinky clothes and using crass language erode our social values and are a threat to our culture. We are in the times where television is accessible from kids to elders, and these kind of programs are a menace to our society.

Even the respectable Tamil anthem was subjected to disgrace in the show and contestants made a mockery of it. This has deeply hurt the sentiments of 7 crore Tamilians. The host Kamal Hassan and the participants Namitha, Oviya, Gayathri Raguran, Julie, Raiza, Haarathi, Vayyapuri, Shakthi, Ganja Karuppu, Aarav, Snehan, Bharani, Ganesh Venkatraaman should be arrested immediately and I seek legal action from the police department.

The reality show should be immediately banned to save the Tamil culture and values,” read the letter addressed to the police commissioner.