From selfies to weddings, drone photography fast catching up in India

From selfies to wedding photography drones are new favourite

December 7:  To ‘drone’, or not to ‘drone’ – is apparently the question faced by today’s selfie junkies! After the selfie-stick craze,now many are purchasing drones to give that special aerial touch to their photographs and videos.

Not only are professional photographers and film makers opting for drone photography, but many youngsters are also buying drones from online merchandise portals. 

A drone camera is available in varied ranges in online shops from as cheap as  Rs 1000 to a high range of Rs 2 lakh.

Today the world is moving to the new technology. People are quick searching for selfie drones to take vivid pictures. Live photos and video streaming are the main features that make customers think about hiring a drone for wedding events and short movies.

Due to the creative live photographs and videos such drones can offer, they are also in popularity for wedding events. Professional camera persons says that  the drone shots can capture dynamic, illustrative videos and images that display the scope and scenic context of  a wedding event.

Speaking to India Live Today, Omal Nithin, a wedding photographer  said” People are so much aware of the latest technology which are used for wedding, and they are ready to hire drones for covering their wedding event irrespective of the cost incurred,

“They just want to make their wedding ceremony videos and photos more attractive, ” he added.

Nithin says drones offer unique and good perspective to capture the beautiful locations, where people choose to hike for their wedding photographs.

There are also shops that hire out drones to people at an affordable costs. Wildclickz,  based in Bengaluru that rents out high-quality camera and camera lens said that there is high-demand for drones.

” A drone with in build camera has a 4 k recording resolution which can grab better quality live moments. We rent out a drone camera at Rs 13000 per day,” said a Wildclickz representative

He said that there is a good demand for the drones especially from youths.

While,  “Future Forward” a Delhi-based camera shop, that sells high definition camera drones says that the online sales of low quality camera drones that comes at a cheaper price in online retaliating sites affects their business.

“But when it comes to professional quality photos and videos, professional photographers and film makers opt for drone cameras sold by us. A drone camera will cost anything between  Rs 72,848 to Rs 1,51590,” said Future Forward representative. 

A Mavic Pro RC Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera – Black cost Rs 72,848 while  Phantom 4 Advanced+ Drone Plus – RC QuadCopter cost  Rs 1,51590. 

Wedding events

Military uses :

Drones have the potential to transform and re create the world for the better. In Outside countries  they use Drone for emergency services have started to use them to help people in danger, while the defence industry is exploring how drones can improve security.

Around the world, wildlife conservationists are embracing the technology to monitor animals and any potential threats against them by using drones.

Drone Insurance

Due to the high cost of professional drone cameras, there is also option of insurance available to the customers. Those providing the insurance scheme points out that many professionals are unaware about the insurance scheme.    The drone insurance covers the operator is covered and if the drone is damaged, the repair amount will be met by the insurance provider.