Frozen’s Princess Elsa on a meth addiction warning billboard

Frozen’s Princess Elsa on meth addiction warning billboard

Montana, Jan 17:A drug rehabilitation movement in the US known as the Montana Meth Project has used the idea to warn kids of the dangers of using meth (or ice).


The group has unveiled a billboard in the US that appears to show Princess Elsa as a meth addict complete with a police line-up and handcuffs all to the tagline: “Just Let It Go”.

Not that Montana Meth Project’s advertising messages have ever been subtle. Check out some of their old TVCs below:

The image of the billboard has been shared across social media and, by all accounts, it’s been a huge success. The UK’s The Independent that reported the story claimed, “The campaign has been credited with significant declines in teen meth use in several states, and during the project’s lifetime meth use declined 63 per cent in Montana, 65 per cent in Arizona and 56 per cent in Idaho.”