Fruit seller peeling apple trends on Youtube

Fruit seller peeling apple trends on Youtube

New Delhi ,Jan 10:A video of a fruit seller peeling, slicing and coring green apples in just a few seconds has grabbed major attention online. The most trending video on YouTube right now, it has has received over 7.7 lakh views – and very much counting. The clip, shared on January 8, appears to be a repost. If you spend a decent amount of time on the Internet, chances are you’ve probably seen this video before. If you haven’t, you may either be extremely impressed or wonder why so many people are watching it right now.

All of 47-seconds-long, the clip shows a fruit seller using a special device that peels and cores the apple whole. The apparatus also turns the fruit into a slinky at the same time. And this whole process takes only about five seconds for each apple.

In case you’re wondering, the machine is available in markets and online. So anyone can do this at home, provided you have the device.

On YouTube, those who have watched the video are either wondering why the video is trending right now or praising what they saw.