It’s fun doing something different from the person I am in reality: Sandeepa Dhar

Kolkata, May 31 : Bollywood actress Sandeepa Dhar, while promoting her upcoming film 7 HOURS TO GO, in Kolkata said, doing something different from being the person in reality is fun.

“Though I appear to be very calm and fragile in reality, this particular film has trained lots of marshal arts to me. I am totally engrossed into it and have developed an intense passion for action.”

“It has been a great experience for me to do something way different from the person I am in reality,” added Dhar.

Along with her, actor Shiv Pandit and  Himanshu Malik, the other cast members of the Bollywood thriller movie 7 HOURS TO GO were also present at an educational institution to promote  their film.

On being asked about the film, actor Shiv Pandit told the press: “The film does not portray just one incident, instead it is a combination of few harsh real life incidents which inspired our director a lot.”

“It deals with a man, who resides in present day at Mumbai. He has comes under tremendous pressure of the dark-side in politics and corruption, therefore takes the law and order in hand and as a result  faces its consequences,” he added.

Asked about the expectations from the film Himanshu Malik told IBNS, “Our film is an action thriller, more than emphasizing on the development of characters, our focus has been on the content or the molding of the script. We indeed hope that the audience will like our film, nonetheless, covers on the present day complexities of our life.”

Talking to IBNS, Sandeepa said “Through this film we have tried to highlight, a message to the society, that every girl should be trained with martial arts from their infancy. Keeping in mind on the insecurity of women in today’s world, they should no more depend on men for their security, rather they should be dependent on themselves.”

Directed and scripted by Saurabh Verma, the film includes Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Vipin Sharma and Himanshu Malik in the cast.

The film is slated to be released on 24th June, 2016.