Gardhabh Mela, UP’s Donkey Fair concludes in Kaushambi

Donkey fair
Gardhabh Mela, UP's Donkey Fair concludes in Kaushambi.

Kaushambi/Uttar Pradesh, March 22: The seasonal donkey market, which is known as Gardhabh Mela, ended in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district today.

The donkeys from the local areas were sold like ‘hot cakes’ during the three-day fair.

“We come from Allahabad every year to buy donkeys and horses. Animals here are sold for various price range starting from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 1, 00, 000,” one of the buyers, Budhram, said ANI.

The uncommon characteristic of this fair is that the donkeys are decorated with colours and served food before they are put on the exhibition for sale.

People of ‘Dhobi’ and ‘Panda’ clan together organise the fair in many acres of ground near the Dham in the ‘Chaitra’ month. The people of these two clans also indulge in match-making during this fair.

It’s commonly believed that donkeys, which are symbolised as Goddess’s mount, are fed delicacies and decorated before being exposed for sale. (ANI)