Gauri Lankesh, MM Kulbargi killed by using same gun: Forensics Department reveals

Gauri Lankesh, MM Kulbargi killed by using same gun: Forensics Department reveals. Photo: Twitter

Bengaluru/Karnataka, September 14: The preliminary forensic investigation of bullets and cartridges found at the residence of Gauri lankest, the journalist and social activist on September 5 and those that were restored from the the residence of the Kannada scholar M M Kalburgi, who was killed killing has revealed that the same 7.65-mm countrymade pistol was used for the two killings.

According to reliable sources, on September 12 it was found that the investigations had found clues that recommended that there is a link between the two murders. Gauri Lankesh was shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru by a stranger with a 7.65-mm countrymade pistol around 8 pm while she was opening the gates to her home to park her car after returning from work.  M M Kalburgi was killed at his home in the north Karnataka town of Dharwad at around 8.40 am on August 30, 2015 by a stranger who rang his doorbell.

According to official sources, police restored that the three bullets that pierced the heart and lungs of Gauri Lankesh before leaving her body and a bullet that missed her along with the four empty cartridges. The four cartridges were found at the murder location and the bullets shortly after the killing, the fatal bullets were found by the forensics department when the crime scene was detected with metal detectors. The forensics report established that the pistol which was used to kill M M Kulbargi was used to gun down communist leader Govind Pansare in Maharashtra.

The preliminary report will be mostly submitted to the Special Investigation Team investigating the case on Wednesday. According to police sources, the officers who are part of the team questioned about 80 people from different parts of Bengaluru and other districts, including Maoist-affected areas.At least half a dozen people, including a man close to a political leader’s aide, were also questioned.

The suspect visited the residence of Gauri Lankesh thrice on September 5 once in about 30-45 minutes before he shot her. The suspect was wearing a white formal shirt with long sleeves and riding a motorcycle, was captured by the two Closed Circuit Television Cameras facing the road.

Gauri Lankesh’s house has two other cameras first at 3.27pm the footage showed that the man reached from the right side of the road, and made a U-turn about 10 feet from the gate. During two visits, the suspect was wearing a black helmet. On his third visit, the suspect had a black sling bag. It is suspected that the bag had the weapon used in the crime. The footage was recorded at 7.15 pm shows that the streetlight outside her residence was working.

According to the official reports, the investigators decided to compare the ballistic signature on the bullets and cartridges in the Gauri Lankesh case with the bullets and cartridges in the M M Kalburgi case. According to the media sources,  there was match suggesting one common gun was used in both the murders. It also recommended that one common outfit or group is behind the two killings. According to the reports from the forensics department, it revealed the comparison of the ballistic evidence from the Gauri Lankesh and M M Kalburgi cases  recommends that the same gun was used in two killings.