Gauri Lankesh murder: Attacker fired 7 bullets, Journalists calls on Siddaramaiah to order immediate probe

Gauri Lankesh murder: Attacker fired 7 bullets, Journalists calls on Siddaramaiah to order immediate probe. Photo: Twitter

Bengaluru/Karnataka , September 6: Gauri Lankesh, senior journalist, activist was shot dead outside her residence in Bengaluru yesterday night. The 55-year old editor had stepped out of her care and opened the gates. During that time, the attackers fired at her around seven times. Four bullets hit her, one in the forehead. Senior journalists termed the brutal killing of Gauri lankesh as a shameful act and called on Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to order an immediate investigation to find the criminals. According to reliable sources, Journalist S. Venkat Narayanan told the Asian News International that “What happened was highly shameful. I expect that the government of Karnataka must order an immediate probe and find the guilty and punish them.”

Lauding Gauri’s effort and contribution in the field of journalism, Narayan said that the former was a secular, fearless journalist. “Lot of local politicians had filled case against her. The point is if one does not agree with what a person is writing, then he/she has the right to go to the court and challenge her and seek justice in judicial manner,” he said. Referring to the killing of activists like Kaliburgi, Govind Pansare, Narendra Dhabolkar and now Gauri Lankesh, another journalist Deepak Tiwari said that such incidents are not acceptable in a democracy.

“This is something that is not acceptable in a democracy, where we stand for free voice and freedom of expression. All journalists like us support journalists fighting for freedom of expression,” he said. Tiwari said that the way Gauri was crusading the politics of communalism in the country is appreciable. Senior journalist Mallikarjun Siddannavar also criticised the killing of Lankesh and said, “She was very talented and had journalistic ideology. Killing was a very cruel act. The people of Karnataka and all the journalist condemn this act.”

Lankesh was killed on Tuesday at her residence by some unidentified assailants at around 8-8:30 pm. As per reports, three bullets were pumped in her body. Reportedly, Lakesh’ body has been shifted to Victoria hospital for post-mortem and the cremation will take place tomorrow. Senior journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh has been shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru’s Rajarajeshwari Naga. Lankesh was the editor of the Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a magazine described as an ‘anti-establishment’ publication. (ANI)