Gauri Lankesh’s murder was captured by CCTV camera, says Lankesh’s brother

Gauri Lankesh murder: Bengaluru police arrests Andhra native into custody

Bengaluru/Karnataka/India/ Sept 6 (ANI)  Gauri Lankesh brother Indrajeet Lankesh, stated that The whole incident of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder was captured by two CCTV cameras outside her residence,

Gauri was shot by unknown assassins last night.

Speaking to the media outside the hospital, where Gauri’s post-mortem was carried out, Indrajeet Lankesh said that the CCTV has captured everything while also requesting the police to let him or his mother be present, while watching the footage.

according to reports Talking about the incident Indrajeet said that the police have told him that a lady living in the neighbouring building heard a sound, thinking it was a firecracker. “When she came, she saw Gauri lying down there.”

“The place where she was living was calm and there were no street lights there. She was living alone as well,” said Indrajeet Lankesh

He also said that there is nothing that Gauri told her mother, sister or Indrajeet himself.

“She never told us if there were any threats given to her,” Indrajeet said.

He further said that she was an aggressive journalist, and was doing her job.

“She’s not just my sister; she’s an activist, a journalist. It is disgraceful and painful for me as a brother,” Lankesh said and added that he is requesting a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe, as they have seen in earlier cases as well the police has done nothing about issues like this.

He then added that the Gauri’s wish has been fulfilled as “one of the patients here has got Gauri’s eyes,” as she had always wanted to donate her eyes.

Meanwhile, Gauri Lankesh’s “adopted” son and controversial figure Kanhaiya Kumar said, “Deeply shocked and saddened at the cowardly murder of Gauri Lakesh! She was like a mother to me. She will always be alive in my heart.”