Gender discrimination lead Saberna Saboo to commit suicide?

Saberna Saboo.

Chennai, November 12: Saberna Saboo, a Popular TV serial actress in Tamil industry was found dead in her flat in Chennai on Friday. According to police sources, it is believed that it is a case of suicide. The exact reason behind the incident is unknown as no suicide note is found.

Her neighbours had called the police after they noticed a foul smell coming out from her house. The house seemed to be closed for the last three days. When the police arrived at her flat, they found that the front door wasn’t locked.

When they entered the house, they found Saberna lying on the floor in a pool of blood, highly decomposed, with her wrist cut.  The 29-year-old actor, who hails from Mettupalayam in Coimbatore preferred to live alone, although her parents Anandkumar and Pushpalatha and brother Aneesh were residing in Virugambakkam in Chennai.

While inquiring sources and friends of Saberna, it is being learnt that the actress had been facing mental stress during her last days. Police sources said that there was an injury on her left hand, leading to suspicions that the actress was addicted to drugs.

A personal dairy has also been recovered from her flat at Semmathamman Nagar at Maduravoyal. Reportedly she had mentioned in her dairy about financial problems as she was worried about lack of opportunities in the industry. She was finding it difficult to pay her even the house rent.

In a recent interview with Tamil magazine, Vikatan, Saberna had said that while the male actors even at the age of 60 continue to play lead roles in the films, the female actors struggle to find good projects and eventually end up as television artiste. The report said that while the interviewer tried to light up the mood of the interview by asking light-hearted questions. Sabarna’s responses remained largely emotional.

Unsubstantiated reports are there about a troubled relationship with a man. She allegedly went to New Delhi last week to meet this person.

Looking through her social media page, Saberna was seen sharing posts in high mental stress. Though these are all said to be the reason for her suicide, her television fraternity and fans could not believe any of these as she had always been helping her friends to come out of personal problems and stress, being a graduate in Psychology.