Gender identity disorder changed Kerala man-woman and woman -man marry each other in Mumbai

Gender identity disorder changed Kerala man-woman and woman -man marry each other in Mumbai

Mumbai,August23:Love knows no bounds ,is blind, be it colour, caste, creed or gender. But some elements of the society still forbid people from loving the way they want to, because of sexual subjugations or any other factor.

There are some sections of the community which does not believe in holding people from accepting their preferences and loving as per their own wish, our country still has a long way to go on this road. In such times, certain examples in our country are leading others for the cause and gaining recognition.

Let’s get you introduced to one such couple from Kerala. These two brave-hearts met each other in the waiting room of a surgeon and now on the road to getting married. 46-year-old Aarav Appukuttan (born as Bindu), met his life partner, 22-year-old Sukanyeah Krishnan (born as Chandu) again in Mumbai. They met three years ago when both came to Mumbai for their gender reassignment operation and destiny brought them together again to fall in love.

The couple plans on getting married next month, at a grand wedding with friends and lots of joy to celebrate their bond.

“I got a call from a relative, and I was speaking to them in Malayalam about my surgery and health. When I finished my call, he was talking to someone on the phone in the same language.” Says Sukanyeah as she looked back at the day they had their first conversation.

“After disconnecting his call, Aarav came to me and asked whether I am from Kerala, after which we got talking.”

That three-hour conversation led to the two exchanging phone numbers and getting to know each other better.

The two headed back home and continued to talk.

“He went to Kerala and I returned to Bangalore, where I had moved two years ago for my job. A day later, Aarav called me and we discussed our surgeries and our treatment in detail. At first, we would speak once a week, then it became twice a week. Soon, we started talking very day.” Sukanyeah added.

Aarav admitted that both were in love even before they realized it and also mentioned their future plans of adopting a baby together when he said:

“I didn’t even realise when we fell in love. On one of our visits, we held hands and that’s how it began. We are now planning to get married in a temple, with all the rituals. Both our families are happy for us. We have also decided to adopt a child since we are aware that post-surgery I won’t be able to conceive.”

Both counterparts talked about how hard childhood was for them. Their families could not accept how they felt about it. Sukanyeah said, “They told me to wear boys’ clothes and to play with boys. I would always ask them why they treated me like a boy even though I felt like a girl on the inside.”

In order to ‘fix the problem’ her parents took her to the doctor where she was given hormonal injections which caused health issues and she could not appear for SSC examinations.

Situations at Aarav’s place were not very different. He said:

“Since childhood, I had a strong feeling I was born to be a boy. When I was 13 years old, I realised I was not a woman. After I moved to Mumbai, as I wore men’s clothes and cropped my hair like a boy, the women in local trains would yell at me when I boarded the ladies’ compartment.”

Past surely was tough on both counterparts, but what’s good is that both are now headed to a healthy future of loving each other for life.