German automotive Volkswagen’s electric microbus to enter markets by 2022

German automotive Volkswagen's electric microbus to enter markets by 2022

New York/USA, August 23: German automotive MNC Volkswagen has announced that it will build an electric version of its Microbus which will be launched in the market by 2022.

The concept has been slightly tweaked from the original version, which was sold in North America between 1950 and 1980, with the batteries to be mounted under the floor, reports The Verge.

Similar to the original microbus, the revamped electric version will also be offered as a cargo van, VW says, aimed at a commercial market in various cities where emissions regulations are making internal combustion-engined vehicles more expensive to operate.

The company also said the new bus is expected to take advantage of the electrification and autonomous driving capabilities being introduced under that label. (ANI)