Germany agree on stricter security measures against terrorism

Berlin, Jan 11 (IANS) German ministers agreed on Tuesday on stricter actions against potential terrorists in the country.

The package of measures could be launched within weeks, according to the ministers, with the Justice Minister Heiko Maas saying “the armed state will be the best answer to the act and hatred of terrorists”, Xinhua news agency reported.

The asylum seekers who pose dangers to Germany’s interior security would face easier and longer detention before pending deportation. Electronic tracking ankle bracelets for criminals would also be introduced, according to the package.

The Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that these measures would increase the security of citizens “without disproportionate restrictions on freedom.”

In the wake of Berlin’s Christmas market attack last year, which claimed 12 lives, de Maiziere from the CDU party proposed to centralise the country’s domestic security services.