Get air guns on discounted rates for killing dogs in Kerala

KOCHI,Oct7:  In Kerala, if you are up for killing stray dogs or have a case against you for eliminating one, you may end up getting air guns on discounted rates, a group has offered as the war on dogs has claimed lives of over 30 strays in the state’s Ernakulam and Kottayam districts last week.

A poster by St Thomas College Old Students Association in Pala announces a discount of 10 per cent on air guns to those facing difficulties due to stray dogs and 25 per cent to those who have at least one police case against them while dealing with strays.

And the group has presented their first gun to Jose Maveli, who heads Stray Dog Eradication Group and was arrested for killing many strays in the past. Mr Maveli, who runs a shelter home for street children in Ernakulam, is out on bail but claims he is “not a killer”.

 “I am a human being. People approach me and I give them the numbers of various dog catchers who can help them,” he told NDTV