GIPL to install mounting structures at Cochin International Airport

New Delhi [India], Feb. 24 (ANI): Following the successful solar implementation at Cochin International Airport, Ganges Internationale Private Limited (GIPL), a multifaceted technology company, bagged its second project to install 11MW module mounting structures, thus enabling Cochin airport to be the world's first 'Green Airport'.
GIPL holds a vast experience in ground mount solar projects and its execution with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. GIPL invested five crores during manufacturing and installation of module mounting structures.
While 11 MW is a ground mount repeat order, the pilot tracking project is the first-of-its-kind to get installed at an Indian Airport. Tracking systems have been in the foray for a while, across all international airbases.
It has slowly crept into the Indian Aviation environment through Cochin's interest in checking the feasibility of such system, to ensure a streamlined experience at the airport.
"Ganges is renowned for its technical expertise, world-class ground mounting technology/products, and designing skills, and looks forward to the commissioning of this project, which will help in promoting a sustainable solar powered environment in the country," said Vinay Goyal, CEO, GIPL.
With an aim to enhance solar tracking development across the world, the organisation has become a major provider of module mounting structure in India. Through a partnership with SunLink, the organisation offers best-in-class ground mounting, single axis tracking products to its clients worldwide. (ANI)