Glycolic acid in snail secretion is anti-ageing daily moisturiser or fallacy?

Glycolic acid in snail secretion is anti-ageing daily moisturiser or fallacy?

New Delhi, June16:Remember the time when Asian snake venom was being billed as the most powerful antidote to wrinkles. The anti-ageing daily moisturiser was believed to be better than Botox. During the time of launch, the makers claimed that their synthesised viper venom “stuns the skin in the same way a real snake bite would, helping to keep it smooth”.

Now, a new fad is taking the cosmetic world by storm. Skincare products with snail secretion as the key ingredient by Korean-based beauty brands like Tony Moly and Missha are claiming to treats wrinkles, acne scars, and other skin conditions with their range of moisturisers, masks, make-up creams, and serums. It is the glycolic acid in snail secretion that has been deemed as the agent necessary for the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, which is important for getting an even skin tone. This slime is something snails let out as a thick fluid as a means to protect themselves when they are agitated. But can’t any product with glycolic acid do the trick?

Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, dermatologist to the President Estate Clinic and The Skin & Hair Clinics spoke to and here’s what she had to say, “Snail creams are a huge fad these days just like snake venom gels, and creams were. These products claim to contain glycosaminoglycan and hyaluronic acids, but they are in such filtered forms that I don’t believe it can really work on the skin. It is equal to putting almond, it has the same benefits.”

She further adds, “In ancient Greek mythology it was proven that the Greeks used to put snail secretion on their face for beauty. Snails were also crushed and used by Hippocrates, the famous physician to treat inflammations and diseases because at that time he did not have other medicines and equipments but now to do that is not actually necessary when it can be used just like leech therapy.”

There’s no doubt that snail secretion is rich in nutrient but there’s no guarantee that it will be an effective skincare treatment because a lot depends on how the slime is concentrated, the type of snail and the amount excreted.