Goa Congress to join nationwide protests on November 29

Panaji, Nov 24 (IANS) The Congress in Goa will join the nationwide protests on November 29 against the central government’s controversial demonetisation move, state unit chief Luizinho Faleiro said on Thursday.

The protests will be held all across the state, especially in its major markets and commercial areas, Faleiro said, while addressing a press conference in Panaji.

“The Congress in Goa will join the nationwide protests on November 29 against demonetisation. The protests will take place in market places and other business areas, where traders and common people are facing the worst brunt of the excessive step,” Faleiro told reporters at the state Congress headquarters.

He accused government agencies of harassing the already hassled bank account holders.

“Fifteen days have passed. The ATMs are still empty. 86 per cent currency of our country has disappeared. The economy has collapsed. There is virtually no trade going on. People cannot buy fish, groceries because they do not have small currency notes. Farmers are in distress because they cannot sell what they produce,” Faleiro said.

The state Congress President also said that government agencies had sent notices to churches in Goa asking the institutions to declare their income and return demonetised notes.

“Instead of coming to the assistance of people, government departments are issuing notices. Churches are receiving notices to declare income and surrender old notes. They have become so cruel, they cannot see distress of people which is created by demonetisation,” Faleiro added.