Goa onshore casinos are only slot machines: Congress

Panaji, Jan 24 (IANS) Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane on Tuesday said that Goa’s onshore casinos are not actually casinos but slot machines.

Asked to comment on the watering down of Congress’ stance on the banning of casinos in the state, Rane said: “There are no onshore casinos. There are only slot machines. They are called one-armed bandits. Not table games.”

For the last two years, the Congress has been demanding a ban on all casino activity claiming that the casino industry was turning Goa into a ‘sin city’.

The Congress manifesto, which was released by the party on Monday, however states that only offshore casinos — casinos parked in river vessels anchored off the Mandovi — would be banned. The manifesto has no reference to banning onshore casinos.

There are five operational offshore casinos and around 10 onshore casinos operating out of the several coastal resorts in the state.