Golfer provides Australian PM Trump’s phone number

Canberra, Nov 17 (IANS) Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s phone call to congratulate US President-elect Donald Trump on his victory was made possible by golf legend Greg Norman.

But rather than acquiring Trump’s phone number via traditional diplomatic means, such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or White House advisers, Turnbull turned to Norman, a former golf world champion and Trump’s close friend, Xinhua news agency reported.

Joe Hockey, Australia’s ambassador to the US, reached out to Norman shortly after Trump was declared winner and the Florida-based golfer was happy to provide him with Trump’s personal mobile number.

Turnbull spent 15 minutes on the phone with Trump on Wednesday in a conversation which he described as “warm, constructive and practical”.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Norman said it was a “pleasure” to connect the two leaders.

“I am fortunate enough to call Trump a friend, so I was happy to put them in touch to further the incredible long-standing relationship the two countries have experienced,” he said.

Normann has been friends with Trump for a decade and regularly plays golf with the businessman-turned-politician.