Google denies appointment of 16-year old boy from Chandigarh

Google rejects to appoint 16-year old teenager from Chandigarh

New Delhi, August 2: The story of the 16-year old teenager from Chandigarh who got the high-paying job from Google turned out to be false. Google apparently has no clue about Harshit Sharma’s job offer as a graphic designer with an annual salary of Rs 1.44 crore. The teenager earlier quoted by saying that,”finally it’s the dream job” and hard work finally paid off.  Harshit Sharma, a student of Class XII of Government Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 33-B of Chandigarh. It was declared that the

Harshit Sharma is a student of Class XII of Government Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 33-B in Chandigarh. It was said that the boy got selected by Google after he submitted posters through a “Google link”. Earlier reports came that the boy would get training in graphic design with a monthly stipend of Rs 4 lakh, in the beginning. Later, the stipend would be increased to Rs 12 lakh a month, says the report. So, the boy would get a yearly income of 1.44 crore. But, Google denied the news stating that no recruitment is being done from schools, in the world.

Indra Beniwal, Principal of the school said that the boy had visited the school to tell them about the job offer he got from Google. The boy sent a letter on Whatsapp regarding the recruitment with Google but the letter got deleted by mistake. Indra Beniwal also added that the boy was average in academics but performed well in practicals. The boy won a cash prize of Rs 7,000 under the government’s Digital India Campaign.

“A secret training was given by my uncle Rohit Sharma and was about to leave for California on August 7. Slowly, it became my passion and his only aim was a good job in Google.” Harshit told The Indian Express. It is not the first time that such a buzzing news became a sensational one. Last year, a girl from West Bengal Sataparna Mukherjee became a national sensation after it came into news that she bagged the prestigious Goddard Internship Programme (GIP) under the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). Later, NASA explained that no records confirmed such news.