Google Home to allow voice commands like playing Netflix movies

California,Dec16:Google has recently talked about rollout of an update to its Google Home speaker that brings in more support for services like Netflix. As the holidays pump in, this update seems to be right in place.

Google Home users will now be able to play specific Netflix episodes, while even pause them, or rewind and watch again, and may be even fast forward and watch your favourite parts; everything by simply speaking to Google.

For example, with this new updated feature, you can now simply tell Google Home, “Play the first episode from the first season of ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix”. Your TV should immediately start playing it for you.

o, how do you set this up? Well, its pretty easy. Connect a Chromecast to the TV over a WiFi network and install the latest version Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Along with this, you will also have to link your Google and Netflix accounts within the app, and boom – your voice commands now start working.

Having said this, Google has also brought in one more interesting feature to Google Home that would be a great feature for the holidays. Just say, “Ok Google, show my photos of the Switzerland trip”, and you should be able to see all your photos on a TV connected to Chromecast. Yes, Google Photos seem to be work seamlessly with Google Home now.