Google released Android Nougat 7

California,Sept5:Google released Android Nougat 7.0, the latest version of the popular operating systemthat offers the biggest amount of personalization features so far. Google released several videos and digital content about the OS in the official web page of Android.

The user will be able to customize almost every feature in their mobile device, including display size, notification controls and how much data your device uses. The Nougat OS was developed by Google Mobile Services, the Android Open Source Project, and Android SDK.

Even when the almost natural vocabulary of tapping and swiping is the same, Android added, this time, some new functions that the user must adapt to, including new onscreen buttons, like “overview button” which opens all apps that are currently running to allow the user to switch or close them at will. This button will even enable you to check two apps at the same time, with similar technology to the one used in computers or TV  to split the screen.

Also, the possibility to run your device in two or more languages at once is a new feature in this OS, adding multilingual settings for the first time.  Visual performance was also relevant in the development of Nougat, so the 3D graphic experiences were considerably improved, this time, a valuable feature especially for those who try high-quality graphic games or videos in their mobile devices.

Daydream, the platform designed to interact with virtual reality technology (VR) is also integrated into Nougat and will be receiving constant updates. The battery can last longer if the user activates an improved option of the saving-energy mode called Doze.

The notification center got better with more accurate (and personalized) ways of curating the relevant notifications. Information will be encrypted by default, giving the user a warranty on the level of security to which their data is linked. Also, an addition relevant to many users: More than 70 new emojis will be available.

Although the update may seem exciting for most Android users, the Nougat version, for now, will be available only for the LG V20 and some Nexus devices, but Android promised to integrate the operating system with more and more devices progressively.

The new LG V20 comes with Nougat by default and has multi-locale support to make the device available for international customers, although Android stated that some features and tools might not be available in all areas.

Android vs. iOS

More than 85 percent of new smartphone sales belong to the Android market, a considerably large market considering that there are several hardware brands and types of smartphones that use Android as their main operating system.

Apple, on the other hand, is a giant in the smartphone industry and with a new iPhone near, the market will be saturated with competition between the two primary operating systems for mobile devices.

The Guardian released a handy guide for users who are wondering if they must switch from one operating system to the other, answering frequently asked questions about the transition of contacts, photos, and other media content.