Government likely to ban laptops from check-in baggage on flights

Government likely to ban laptops from check-in baggage on flights. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, September 25: There were cases of smartphones catching fire onboard flight so the international aviation agencies are also considering to ban Portable Electronic Devices like laptops from check-in bags. The United States Federal Aviation Administration has come up with a proposal to ban laptops from check-in bags.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation is at present working on a paper, examining the hazards posed by PEDs carried by passengers and crew. The American Federal Aviation Administration submitted the test results in this paper and arrived at a conclusion that Portable Electronic Devices kept in cargo hold could lead to loss of aircraft.

The paper described that when a laptop’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery overheats in close proximity to an aerosol spray can, it can cause an explosion capable of disabling an airliner’s fire suppression system.

India will also follow the suit once the decision is taken by any leading aviation agency. Earlier, the European regulators gave a warning that hundreds of devices on long-haul flights could be a risk to safety by increasing the risk of fire from poorly deactivated lithium-ion batteries.

The electronic devices like laptops will be soon be banned from check-in bags amid fears that their battery would go undetected and thus lead to drastic consequences. and in case of the handbags, the cabin crew members are receiving training on how to handle fires caused by personal electronic devices when smoke comes out from a bag.

At present, electronic items like power banks, portable mobile chargers, and e-cigarettes are already banned in check-in baggage in India.

Previously in 2016, the top airlines globally banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones during flights following reports of battery explosion. The airlines have earlier banned hoverboards from planes due to battery-fire risks.

Earlier in 2017, the United States imposed a ban on the laptops in the cabins of planes coming into the country from 10 Middle Eastern airports for security reasons. The ban was later lifted in July after the officials said that airports in the region had taken other steps to increase security.