Government says ‘no’ to sharing MoP on judges appointment with Parliament panel

Supreme Court Of India

New Delhi, Nov 22: The Modi government has refused to share immediately a copy of the draft memorandum of procedure, a document to guide the appointment of judges to the higher judiciary, with a parliamentary committee examining vacancies in the Supreme Court and high courts,saying it is a work in progress.

The committee has been informed that the document will be shared at an “appropriate time”.
The department-related Standing Committee on Law and Personnel had asked the department of justice to share a copy of the draft MoP it has handed over to the Supreme Court collegium for its approval.
The committee is examining the issue of inordinate delay in filling up vacancies in and the HCs.
But in its response, the department of Justice said, “Since the MoP — one dealing with appointment of SC judges and the other with HC — are still under finalisation in consultation with the Chief Justice of India as per the SC order dated December 16, 2015, it is work in progress.
“Therefore, it is submitted that the draft MoP will be shared with the parliamentary committee at the appropriate time.”