GPS devices are mandatory in public transport from 1st April 2018

New Delhi, Jan 18: The installation of GPS devices and panic buttons is mandatory in public transport barring three-wheelers, and the last date for compliance is April 1, 2018, says the Twitter account of Transport Ministry headed by Minister Nitin Gadkari.

On Wednesday the ministry tweeted that passenger transport vehicles will have to be mandatorily equipped with GPS devices.

According to an official of Road Transport ministry,  the deadline will not be extended.

The three-wheeled passenger vehicles have been exempted from the installations, including e-rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. The idea behind the move is that passengers are more unsafe in closed vehicles.

Initially, the ministry had asked to install CCTV cameras in buses having more than 23 seats; however, the idea was dropped due to privacy concerns.

There will also be a panic button which will alert the transport department and police control rooms to help passengers in distress.