Greek scribes on 24-hour strike against new austerity measures

Athens, Dec 7 (IANS) Greek journalists walked off the job on Wednesday to protest the fresh round of austerity measures promoted by the government in exchange for further aid by international creditors, media reported.

The 24-hour strike declared by the trade unions representing journalists, technicians and administrative staff working in state and private media throughout Greece, comes a day before the new general strike called by ADEDY and GSEE, the umbrella unions of public servants and private sector employees, Xinhua news agency reported.

In order to avert a news blackout of the December 8 general strike and cover the protests, the journalists’ unions transferred their anti-austerity mobilisation a day before.

The strikes and protests are held as the country’s parliament is debating the 2018 state budget. The draft budget will be voted by the Congress on December 10.

The draft includes further tax increases and pay cuts in addition to the austerity measures adopted in recent weeks by the government in a bid to receive vital bailout loans from creditors.