Grumpy Cat awarded $700,000 in a copyright lawsuit, still the feline won’t smile

Grumpy Cat awarded $700,000 in a copyright lawsuit, still the feline won't smile

Grumpy cat still might continue to be grumpy, but her owner has a major reason to smile after she won more than $700,000 in an unlawful copyright lawsuit.

Grumpy Cat Limited sued Grenade Beverages in 2015 claiming the company breached their contract by creating a line of unauthorized coffee products and t-shirts.

On Monday, Grumpy Cat and her owner Tabatha Bundesen were awarded $710,001 in court.

The legal battle between the unhappy feline and Grenade began more than three years ago.

Grumpy Cat Limited said in their suit that in 2013 it agreed to license a line of iced coffees called ‘Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino’ with Grenade owners Nick and Paul Sandford.

In 2015, however, Grenade launched ‘Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee’, which Grumpy Cat Limited said was not a part of their agreement. The company filed a copyright lawsuit against the beverage company in federal court.

Grumpy Cat Limited also said Grenade was not paying the agreed-upon percentage of profits from the iced coffee and was selling unauthorized Grumppuccino t-shirts without sharing the profits.

In its suit, Grenade said Grumpy Cat did not promote the iced coffee enough on social media and did not follow a script written to warn Starbucks that the cat was ‘coming for it’ during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Grumpy Cat became an internet star in 2012 after a photo surfaced of her scowling at the camera. The cat, whose facial expression is caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism, went on to appear on news shows and commercials. She currently has over two million followers on Instagram.