Guess where SRK has his birthmark

New Delhi [India], Jan. 5 (ANI): Shah Rukh Khan is one such man whose wit and humour has never failed to impress people.
He does it yet again, during a Q-n-A with a leading magazine, when the 51-year-old actor was asked some of the questions often googled about him.
"I don't have a tattoo but I have a birthmark near my bum I think.I can't see it myself," he told GQ India, when asked, 'Does Shah Rukh Khan have a tattoo?'
Again when asked 'Is Shah Rukh a billionaire?' he replied wih much modesty, "I don't know how many zeroes are there…when you count in rupees, maybe. but in dollars.I don't know. But I am rather well to do."
GQ India shared the 01:21-minute video on its Twitter handle and wrote alongside, "Watch @iamsrk get knee-deep in questions you've ever asked Google about him." this is what you call, one at his candid best! (ANI)