Guiness World Record set in Norway for the largest sushi mosaic

London, Oct 5 : A new Guiness World Record has been set in Norway for the largest sushi mosaic – measuring an incredible 56.50 square metres and including a whopping 800 kg of salmon and 400 kg of rice.

About 200 litre of rice vinegar, 480 kilogrammes of cucumber and 10 kg chives were also used in the attempt.

The edible artwork at the Aspmyra Stadion, a football stadium in Norway, was created by four chefs, led by Leonardo Figueroa Aguilar who runs a sushi bar in Sweden.

 “Because of the rules from the Norwegian food council the sushi mosaic could only stay two hours outside in the football stadium. We were in a hurry in the end and I was close to a heart attack,” said Aguilar.

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre confirmed that a new record had been set.

Once the attempt was over the sushi was distributed among the guests at the event.

Previously, the largest sushi mosaic measured 41.99 square metres and was created in Japan in January last year.