Gujarat is cheering for Rahul Gandhi, amidst beating of drums and screams, receives reception in Vadodara

Gujarat is cheering for Rahul Gandhi, amidst beating of drums and screams, receives reception in Vadodara. Photo: Twitter

Chota Udaipur/Gujarat, October 11:  Rahul Gandhi who is continuing his Navsarjan Yatra in poll-bound Gujarat on Wednesday, held a meeting with tribal students at Darbar Hall on the third day of the visit.

Rahul Gandhi received a grand reception in Gujarat amidst beating of drums and screams. At a public meeting in Karjan town comprising semi-urban town place with a mixed population of Muslims and Hindus, the crowds cheered for Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi said that when Narendra Modi took over as the chief minister, the public debt of the Gujarat government was Rs 6,000 crore and now it is Rs 2,00,000 crore. Where was this money spent?. The crowds burst out by saying chor chhey chor. Rahul Gandhi asked if the farmers, laborers, students, small traders benefited by this and there was an instant no simultaneously.

With reference to the business dealings of Jay Shah, BJP president Amit Shah’s son, Rahul Gandhi said that “Jab Narendra Modiji pradhan mantri baney tou unhone kaha woh chowkidar hain. Ab Chowkidar kyon chup hain? Chowkidar hain ya bhaagidar.” The crowd shouted Jutho chhey, chor chhey.

Rahul Gandhi did a question-answer session with youths in Vadodara city, where he was asked what would the Congress party do for the youth, free speech, attack on BHU girl students and privatization of education.

Rahul Gandhi in reference with the BHU assault on female students said that the overall development of girls was nothing more than a rhetoric and that “beti bachao, beti padhao” seems to have changed into”Amit Shah ka beta bachao.”

The youngsters kept laughing when Rahul Gandhi asked “RSS shakha mein aapne kabhi mahilaon ko dekha hain? Mainey toh nahi dekha, kya aapne shorts mein mahilaon ko dekha hain? Mainey nahi dekha.”

Rahul Gandhi said that I will never say that I want to annihilate the BJP from the country. They can say that about the Congress, but I cannot say that about the BJP. I will fight with BJP, but will never respect the existence of BJP because it is an ideology from India and so is the Congress.