Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections to have NOTA option, MLAs marking it to be disqualified: Congress

Ahmedabad/Gujarat, August 1: Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections will have NOTA option which will be held on August 8. This option is available to the MLAs who could cast their votes in the election. The voter (MLA) has to show the marked ballot to the party’s polling agent before putting it in the ballot box. If any MLA marks NOTA, he will be disqualified, as said by Arjun Modhwadia.

According to the directions given by the Election Commission of India in 2013, NOTA option will be printed on the ballot papers. Rajya Sabha elections are going to take place after a long period of 20 years. It is the first time that MLAs would cast votes to elect members of Rajya Sabha in Gujarat Assembly.

The Rajya Sabha elections comprise a total of 182 Gujarat MLAs who would be casting their votes. Making it a tight competition, four contenders would be competing for three seats. Aside from BJP president Amit Shah, Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti, the ruling party decided to field former Congress legislator Balwantsinh Rajput from Irani against the only Congress candidate, Ahmed Patel.

Although the NOTA option is available, Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia ensured that the party will vote for Ahmed Patel. Voters will mark their preference on the ballot. BJP has three preferences, while Congress has only one choice.