‘It happened within seconds and I decided not to stop the bus’: Gurgaon school bus driver Parvesh kumar on stone pelting by Karni sena

Parvesh Kumar, The brave school bus driver of GD Goenka world school said that the stone pelting started within seconds and he decided not to stop the bus. He added that On a split of second the rampage started and he was just thinking about the safety of kids.

Kumar reportedly said, ”It happened within seconds. I saw a Haryana Roadways bus being attacked and their passengers were fleeing. I decided to keep driving because there were children sitting inside. They were like my own kids. They started to cry and were terrified,”.

School authorities are planning to give a reward for Kumar for his timely effort to save children from the attack.

Different leaders responded to the attack emotionally. Delhi chief minister Aravind Kejriwal said that ”Yesterday some people pelted stones on school children in Gurugram. I couldn’t sleep the entire night. If our children are pelted with stones on Republic Day eve, a few km away from nation’s capital, it is a matter of shame for the entire nation”

Rahul Gandhi, current chief of Congress party is considering this an attack by saffron fringes and they are setting the country on fire. He said that ”There will never be a cause big enough to justify violence against children… The BJP’s use of hatred and violence is setting our entire country on fire.”

The school bus was carrying 30 kids including 5 foreign students.  Teachers were also in the bus and they are also under emotional turmoil after the attack.

They said, they never want to put student’s life in difficulties under any chance.

School teachers said that ”We did not even have a chance to understand what was happening, or request the men to not harm us. They attacked us so suddenly that we barely had enough time to get ourselves and the students out of the harm’s way, We do not want to take any risk with the life of students. Protection of students outside and inside is our prime concern.

Pic: twitter.com/PoojaShali